Christophorus #382 Herbert von Karajan

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Project Date of completion: June 2017
Project Client: Delius Klasing Verlag

For the first time in forty years, the car takes the wide curve around Hotel Friesacher in the Austrian municipality of Anif. It comes to a stop right where Herbert von Karajan himself used to park whenever he was heading home from a rehearsal and wanted to treat himself to tête de veau en gelée in a cozy nook in his favorite restaurant. The car, a Porsche 911 Turbo (Type 930) delivered in 1975, is expected—by Wilfried Strehle, who was the principal violist under Karajan for eighteen years and who performed with the Berliner Philharmoniker on the world’s stages from Berlin to Tokyo. And in Salzburg, of course, where Karajan was born and launched the city’s renowned Easter music festival fifty years ago. Strehle now runs his fingers over the metal letters at the rear that spell “von Karajan”—as if there were any need to label this car. It’s one of a kind and unmistakable. “It’s a very emotional moment for me,” says Strehle, himself a major name in music.

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