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Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg Of Mercedes Racing Photo
It is a rare privilege to be amongst those who have so much potential that they can win and take it all. Well, certainly it is in Formula 1. Mercedes have such rare privilege this season with the strongest engine, best chassis, a determined and well positioned team management and two top drivers at ...
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Where is the love?

It is difficult to judge upon the missing appeal of Formula 1 if you don't belong to the people whose appeal for the sport has ever gone missing.But there is a still a lot of talk about the downfall of F1 and the discussion rekindles with every event concerning the sport, most recently the arrival o ...
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Reflections of a misguided soul

That ill-fated day. It was all planned.All in all the journey doesn't take much longer than 40 minutes in the helicopter. He has done it many times before. Loading the stretch with the patient - 3,5 minutes, taking off - 2 minutes, Grenoble to Lausanne - 35 minutes, landing and unloading - 6 minutes ...
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A tiny elephant in the room

I am not a law specialist and I know little about justice. But I couldn't help but giggle at the irony of a man paying a court 100 Million dollar to get out of a bribery trial.But could something so obvious be overseen by the rigorous German justice? What may seem like an elephant in the room to som ...
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